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How to Increase Your Self Awareness to Help Build Successful Personal Relationships

The method may involve a bit of pain from others, but it’s worth it.

It seems a badge of honor today to say things such as “I could care less about what people think” or “Other people’s opinions mean nothing to me.” These statements make us feel bold and uninhibited, independent in thought and action, and authentic.

However, perhaps we should rethink our attitudes towards hearing others’ perceptions of us.

And the only way to truly understand ourselves and get to this truth is to take a peek into how “the other side” sees us. Because most of the time our self-image is undeniably one-dimensional.

And yes, our “stories” may contain truths about our own strengths and shortcomings, but the reality is we probably aren’t as cognizant as we think.

After all, we may not like to admit it, but it’s human nature to lie to ourselves to protect our fragile self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

So we do. Quite often, if we are honest. And usually, the lies are in our favor.

As a result, these lies lead to limited self-awareness.

Because true self-awareness is realizing that some of the stories of who we believe we are are likely fiction, not fact. And only by recognizing those fictional elements can we improve our relationships with others.

One way for us to separate fact from fiction, to become truly more self-aware, is to listen to the opinions of those we work with, share our lives with, and interact with every day.

Indisputably, their perceptions may not be totally accurate, as all people’s opinions are created through their own unique visions, life experiences, and value systems.

So perhaps we shouldn’t automatically believe their words, but we should look inside ourselves to see…

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