Onionshare Review

This is a non techie review of one of my favorite file sharing apps right now.. “Onionshare Review” is published by The Gray Wolf Blog.


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Spring Opening

With spring just around the corner, I thought I’d help you with opening your camper for the season. There are some common mishaps that I see happen to our campers and being prepared may help you to have a smoother opening this year.

When opening your trailer for the season, always best to bring a friend. You know, to have someone scream to shut the water off when you realized it's leaking everywhere. Jokes aside, seriously it is best to have someone on the inside and outside when reconnecting the water and powering on the trailer. Key points to watch for are the valve behind the toilet, the interior shower, and the exterior shower. These are all weak points, points that we should have paid better attention to when winterizing, but maybe did not have that luxury at the time.

Hopefully, the toilet value is only a dribble until you get a new valve. I wouldn't leave it too long as you want to avoid a more catastrophic failure but you should be able to make it through the weekend. If not, most valves depending on the make of the toilet range anywhere from $30–70 and are usually stocked in most RV stores. Worst case you're going to have to leave the water to the toilet shut off until you can repair it.

The second common failure is the shower head and hose. That will run you roughly anywhere between $10–15 for the hose and starting at $10 for the showerhead and upwards from there depending on how elaborate of a head you want. The same goes for the outside shower that you always forget about.

While we are dealing with the water, I hope you remembered where you put your hot water tank plug, if not I hope you have spares because your nearest RV dealer may not be open or stocked due to the pandemic.

Time to flush out all that antifreeze if the threat of frost has lifted. If you can still taste residual antifreeze after you have thoroughly flushed your water system, it does not hurt to add one cup of liquid bleach for every 20–30 gallons of water. Flush this through your system and let it sit for 1–2 hours but no longer. Chlorine bleach can disintegrate synthetic seals if left for too long. Side benefit: Chlorine bleach is also highly effective in killing bacteria, molds, mildew, and viruses that may have taken up residence. If bleach is not your game, then evenly distribute a box of baking soda amongst the…

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