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These Are The Long Term Effects Of Drinking Coffee Daily According To Science

How healthy is your daily dose of coffee?

About 85% of Americans drink coffee on a regular basis.

I love the delicious hot beverage too. But is it healthy or is it bad for us?

Here’s what science says.

The caffeine contained in coffee has been shown to support fat burning. A black coffee before exercise can work wonders. Also, the heat production in the body and blood pressure is increased and the metabolism is boosted. There are not many natural substances that have this effect.

Enjoying the delicious espresso while losing weight? Doesn’t sound bad to me.

Women who regularly drank several cups of coffee a day had up to a 20% lower risk of becoming depressed.

Caffeine blocks receptors for adenosine, resulting in an effect similar to that seen with an increase in dopamine production. Attention increases and you feel happier.

Coffee has an antioxidant effect. Free radicals in the body cause oxidative stress, which promotes the development of cancer. The secondary plant compounds contained in coffee, known as polyphenols, help to prevent this. The German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg confirmed these findings.

Researchers led by Atsushi Goto of the University of California conducted a study using data from more than 40,000 participants. The results are impressive. Those who regularly drank several cups of coffee had a 23% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The exact reason for this is not yet clear.

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