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LSTM. Since I used an LSTM model in my last blog, I thought of covering the basics of LSTM models which are very commonly used. LSTM’s can be defined to be a type of RNN and are used for things such…


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An Alternative Approach for Life

Chinese proverb

Thanks to YouTube’s algorithm, after watching several of Pursuit of Wonder’s videos, I got a recommendation to watch videos from like-minded channel. One video looked particularly inviting at that time. The title of the video is “Why You Don’t Need to Be Exceptional”. A very convincing and somehow feels click-baity to my already fragile ego.

That is how I came across The School of Life for the first time. I like how relatable the issues they talk about mostly. Just like the name of the channel, The School of Life is devoted to helping people lead calmer and more resilient lives. Apparently our school systems only equip us with skills (based on what the schools deem as) necessary to fulfill the job market.

Despite reading articles after articles and learning theories from the so-called big thinkers or listening to adults talk about life, I realise The School of Life is what I really need. Who knows that the soothing voice of Alain de Botton, a Swiss-born British philosopher and author as well as the founder of The School of Life, is actually a perfect medicine to defuse the tension of living up to rules and standards set by society.

Lifelong Learning

I have to admit that listening to real life adults talk about their experiences is kind of a mixed feeling for me. It could be inspiring, but oftentimes it ends up with bragging and exaggerated achievements. This is also how I feel whenever I listen to TedTalk. But, The School of Life videos are easy to digest and make you feel something. The videos tend to emphasise that my feeling is valid and that everyone else also feels the same way.

Other than the issues from real life and current situation, they also introduce many ideas and topics including pop culture, literature, politics, sociology, psychoteraphy, philosophy, etc. Literature and philosophy are two of my favourite choices there. I still remember I finally bought Kafka’s book after a video explaining about his writings and life story.

Even though it is impossible to feature all of the philosophers and other big thinkers theories or their works, it is enough to pique my curiosity and look for more information myself. I remember I laughed so hard when I watched video explaining about Arthur Schopenhauer’s idea.

It is still one of my favourites because apparently I share the same view and perspective as him regarding romance. It is just funny how the video articulate Schopenhauer’s idea in a playful manner. Whenever someone asks me opinion about love and romance, I just send the video. Enough said.

First Aid of My Quarantine

The first few weeks after quarantine started, it was still hard to wrap around my head. I was really glad when The School of Life posted the video containing an explanation of The Plague by Albert Camus and how it still feels relevant in this situation.

Even if it does not really answer all of my questions, it gives a glimpse of how society usually responds to such a thing. It surprises me how the situation does not really change much from what Albert Camus had written in The Plague.

The Student of Life

The School of Life makes it possible for me to acknowledge how challenging adulthood for people in general. It reminds me of what it means to be human who feels things and how to cope with them when nobody seems to understand what you are going through. No one actually tries to guide us or gives us clues how to deal with those problems in a kind way, without being condescending.

It helps me to be more aware of other people’s pain and more compassionate to myself as well. I believe most of the time we actually know what we should do at any given moment. However, having The School of Life explaining things in convincing as well as engaging manner makes it so much more meaningful. Suddenly, thanks to The School of Life, I feel like being a The Student of Life is not really a bad idea at all.

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#mybrandmoments is a bunch of justifiable-love letters to brands I have shared my precious moments with. It is an attempt to appreciate their existence and thank them for their service. Celebrate the moments!

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