Software architecture adalah suatu landasan dari sebuah sistem yang terwakilkan oleh sekumpulan komponen. Landasan ini juga didasari oleh sekumpulan relasi satu dengan yang lain dengan environment…


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Why is Caner the most popular topic to make science?

Cancer is a widely researched topic in science because it is a major public health problem worldwide. Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally and causes millions of deaths each year. It is also a complex and diverse group of diseases, with many different types and subtypes, each with unique characteristics and challenges.

Cancer research is crucial for understanding the underlying causes of the disease, developing new diagnostic methods, and improving treatment options. Cancer research has led to many advancements in our understanding of the biology of cancer cells and the mechanisms of the disease, which has resulted in the development of new therapies and improved patient outcomes.

In addition, cancer research is important because it can help to identify new targets for drug development and to improve patient outcomes by developing new treatments and diagnostic methods. Also, cancer research has the potential to provide insights into the underlying mechanisms of many other diseases, which can lead to new treatments for a wide range of conditions.

In summary, Cancer is a popular topic in science because it is a major public health problem, a complex and diverse group of diseases, and it has a wide range of opportunities for research and development of treatments, which can benefit not only the cancer patients but also could be applied to many other diseases.

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